Wide’Tron HB


The Wide’tron is a unique animal. It’s crazy mashup of our standard PAF-style humbucker, Gretsch Filtertron, and Fender Wide Range pickup, borrowing the best elements of each to create a twangy, punchy, full-sounding pickup useful in just about any style of music. Killer for cleans, ambient, country… or stomp on some fuzz without fear of hum or buzz. Best of all worlds – and looks cool too!

The Wide’Tron is a direct drop-in replacement pickup for humbucker sized routes and is available in 12 screw, 6 + 0, 3 + 3, or solid black, in silver/nickel or gold covers. All options sound and function the same. It’s purely cosmetic.

We can wind them to vintage/low (5.5-7k), medium (7-8.5k) or high (8.5k +) outputs.

Calibrated sets of 2 are available (and recommended!), prices shown are for ONE pickup.

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