Wide Range HB


Our full size Wide Range Humbuckers are essentially the same thing as our standard humbuckers, but with a classic Fender Wide Range look. They are direct drop-in replacements in standard humbucker routes. 

Just like our standards, we can power these pickups with your choice of A5 magnets for a traditional PAF tone, A8 magnets for a modern hi-fi bell-like tone, A2 magnets for a nice, warm, vintage tone, or Filtertron style magnets for a twangy PAF/Gretsch tone. Your choice of output levels and covers. Along with the default Silver/Nickel covers, we offer custom relic options and regularly post new covers on Instagram and Facebook. Check our social media channels or email us directly to see what kinda weirdo covers we might have in stock at any given time.

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