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Proto p90 Covers


Covers can be ordered alone or with a PROTO p90 built inside. We highly suggest having us build your full pickup for at least three reasons.

1. We can build your p90 any way you want it – with a large selection of magnets, wire options, output levels and string spacing. Add a full build to your cart and we will email you directly for your specs after purchase.

2. If we build your pickup in house, we can guarantee a fit, which we can not do if you order a cover and then put your own parts inside. Also – see #1

3. We are offering our p90s at a discount when ordered with covers. Standard p90s are normally $95.

We have been working for more than a year on these custom covers. For some reason, in the 60+ years that p90s have been around, no one has bothered to make covers in anything other than black, white, cream or chrome. That’s crazy!

The first step was having custom molds made. Having our own molds means custom colors, mixes, blends, sparkles.. anything that’s possible with the custom mixture that we use. It also means that we can mold covers with no holes in them, allowing us to make soapbar covers with both 50mm and 52mm spacing! Proper string spacing for both the BRIDGE and NECK positions. Imagine that!

Since each cover is made by hand in small batches, we obviously can’t guarantee specific swirls or sparkle patterns, and imperfections and tiny bubbles etc. are part of the charm.

When a cover is sold .. that’s it! If the number you want is not in the drop-down, that means it sold.

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